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Why Hire a Social Media Coordinator? 

Do you ever run out of creative fuel? Have you had business for years and have slowed down on your advertising due to complacency with current business levels? Are you wondering where to start will all of this "new & trendy" social media biz? I want to help you bring that creative mojo back to your online platforms! Together we can gain new business from those you never knew you could reach. Utilize online tools that will make advertising, hiring, and connection with consumers even easier. Take a step towards cultivating a authentic relationship with your online audience!

Social Media Services

  • Management of Selected Social Media Platforms & and all Content Posted 

  • Content Strategy Planning 

  • Copywriting

  • Quarterly Platform Audits 

  • Contest & Event Promotion 

  • Pre Planned Post Calendars

  • Quarterly Analytics Report 

  • Creative & On Trend Event, Post, and Access Ideas

  • Onsite Photos 

  • Business Partnership Connecting 

  • Platform Reply & Question Response

  • Career Opportunity Advertisement 

  • And so much more... they sky is the limit! 

Why Hire a Restaurant Consultant? 

Is it time to update your menu, but not sure where to start? How about a tasting & training session for you staff? I want to help your restaurant thrive. Together we can teach your team to give quality service, create new menu concepts, and have your restaurant run at the best pace it can. Using these concepts will help you keep regular patrons and gain new ones.

Restaurant Specific Social Media & Consulting 

  • All Listed Social Media Services 

  • Menu Consulting 

  • Menu Photoshoots

  • Operations Consulting

  • Etiquette & Service Training

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