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Though Arriana was born & raised in rural Minnesota, she grew up in the Rocky Mountains. A love for others & culture led her to a degree in Sociology from Montana State University - Bozeman. Always eager to learn & share with people, social media became an outlet for creativity & connection. A hunger to grow community & cultivate relationships has led her to the launch Luna Mountain. Her greatest hope to is help you connect authentically with your audience.  


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Bringing Creativity &  Joy to Your Business 

Social Media Marketing

Connect Authentically to Your Consumer

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A Fresh Look At Efficiency & Service in Your Operation

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Hope Dagoberg 

Canine Acres 

As a business owner, having Arri take the social media and networking off my hands has allowed me to focus on growing and maintaining our business without the constant pull of having to think about marketing and posts. The content of her social media posts have been on point as well as professional which have in turn generated more followers, social interaction, and have ultimately increased our online presence. Along with improving our online presence she has done a phenomenal job helping us network and integrate with other local businesses and events

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Email:  /  Tel: 619-629-2487

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